Hidden Immunity Idol
Tyson finds hii
Tyson finds the hidden immunity idol.
Survivor Gameplay
Description Item used to save a person last minute at Tribal Coucil.
Appearance(s) Lost Creek
Beartooth Mountains
Hellroaring Plateau
Crazy Mountains - All-Stars
Rock Creek

The Hidden Immunity Idol is an idol that is hidden and can save you at the last minute at tribal council.


Lost CreekEdit

While at the Survivor Auction Chani bought a bottle that containd an unknown clue to the hidden immunity idol. It was located under the tree mail. It was played.

Beartooth MountainsEdit

After the tribe switch, Paul announced that they were two immunity idols, one at each camp, hidden. He announced the clue that worked for both camps. Drew found it for Dakkake and Tyson for Bua. They played it at the same tribal council at the final six tribal council.